Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Simulation Center

Today we went to the Simulation Center where we got to practice on mannequins. These are fully operating computer people. There are babies, adults, and "Noelle"- the pregnant mother who actually gives birth! These things are crazy! "Noelle" can have her baby slowly, quickly, breech or she can have postpartum bleeding and start dying and her baby can start dying, etc, etc. The scenarios are made up by the professors and then programmed into the computer and these dummies actually act like real people. We can give them IV's, take their pulse, bp, respirations (their chest's rise and fall like real breaths), they have heart sounds and so much more! The Sim Lab is designed to put us in high stress situations and equip us for when emergencies happen. Stressssssful in Sim Lab, stressssssssful in real life.


  1. Wow that's amazing! Technology.

  2. How cow!!!! That is so amazing, is that you under the mask?
    Hard to tell.
    Was it exciting?
    Did your Victim live?

  3. lol, I love your mom's comments!
    This sounds super crazy exciting! I love that you don' have to worry about being pu in high stress situations with real people in a like sink or swim kind of thing, but rather have such awesome tools to learn with... how much more natural it will be for you when the real thing happens... so exciting!! And.. I'm with Cathy- did "Noelle" live?
    miss you, J