Sunday, October 23, 2011

I think I want to be a farmer.

Yesterday I got to go "help" harvest rice with my friend, Peter. His family has been farming rice for generations; his sister, Katie, my dear friend, worked a season of harvest once too! I thought coming to Chico would give me that "slow pace, nature everywhere" vibe but it hasn't. There is still tons of people hustling along in life, cars everywhere, and drunk students lining downtown (granted it's way slower than Orange County!). I didn't notice my supressed desire unitl I started driving out to the fields, this is the pace I'm craving at the moment. My soul is at such peace staring at miles of open land. It was a day of much relaxation, just sitting in the bank out or harvester watching the rice being cut up, sucked in, and filled into trucks. I'm not sure where the Lord will take me in life but I am so thankful for the opportunities to slow down and enjoy His good earth.

This is the "top of the line harvester"- it even has air conditioning in the cab!

Peter let me "drive" the bank out for this picture. The bank out drives up alongside the harvester and receives all the rice the harevster (picture above) has collected, then the bank out drives away to dump the rice in to trucks which then take the rice to the dryer. Farming is an occupation that develops much patience and humility- your crops are totally dependent on nature, in other words- God. This is exactly how we should view our lives, I definitely need to be reminded of that!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

click on this video!

This is my passion, I can't wait to be one of the people who get to go out and make such a difference in the physical health of so many people. With this effort I pray that the Lord's glory and love will be revealed and impact the spiritual health of all those who are suffering.