Saturday, December 05, 2009

finals week.

My brother said something to me the other day that has sort of stuck with me, "Biology is sort of a lonely subject to study." (Although I'm not studying Biology, Biochemistry falls into that same category.) When I start to get overwhelmed by school and begin to question what the heck I'm doing, I walk into class, sit down and become engulfed in the structures of nucleotides and how transcription occurs molecule by molecule, I'm then reminded of why I'm here. I love this stuff! He's right though, these are not things one can discuss with everyone so I see how it can be lonely but I've recently been discussing it with my Creator. The more I learn about the how all the pieces fit together in this Universe, the more I am convinced it is perfectly knitted by Him. I am constantly reminded not only how much He loves me but how logical and perfect life in the knowledge of Him is.