Monday, November 07, 2011

O.R. scrubs... oh are they?

Today was insanely awesome! I got to sit in on two surgeries- an open heart surgery and a craniotomy (brain surgery). I have never seen anything so cool. The heart surgery was beautiful- the cracking of the sternum, the heart pumping in all of its glory, the severing and reconnecting arteries with blood spraying out with each pump- it was unreal. I opted not to take lunch so I could join in on the craniotomy. I never knew the skull was so blasted thick, the surgeon drilled four giant holes and then proceeded to saw from hole to hole making a perfect rectangle and just grabbed the piece out and revealed the dura mater, then sliced through the dura mater to reveal the pulsating brain. u.n.r.e.a.l. I was six inches away from the patient's exposed brain- all thoughts, memories, desires, functions, and more are controlled by this organ, but after today it is even more apparent that we are not our brains. We are so much more, the breath of life God breathes into us makes us who we are. Today was a beautiful reminder of the precision and perfection with which God created us.

PS- please tell me someone in the universe gets my Rushmore reference?!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011