Sunday, September 26, 2010


seeing my previous blogs reminds me how inconsistent I am. I want to live my life entirely for Christ but then go and post a blog about how I want Chloe $400 shoes. really? Wow. Life in perspective, keep me in check people. I thank the Lord He is merciful and gracious. Speaking of grace here is my post about God graciously letting me go to mexico:

After tossing and turning all night I woke up at 5am to start my day, not pretty. I was so tired I could barely stand; I stumbled to get dressed, grabbed my iced coffee (made the previous day) and took my breakfast to go. I prayed on the way that God would fill me with energy for the day, that despite not knowing anyone I would be able to convey my joy and excitement for serving alongside these people and be intentional about getting to know them. I also prayed that God would give me a spirit of flexibility, although I knew how I wanted the day to go, I wanted first and foremost to be moved by His spirit (this was really spoken out of fear that I would have to do children’s ministry, something I’m not particularly good at). And of course, God totally gave me natural joy in Him and the energy that I had been praying for, I was able to meet some amazing women and the car ride down to Mexico was so uplifting!

Crossing the border into Mexico, I felt a strange feeling, one I’ve had before: you’re home. I’m not really sure what this means seeing as I’ve had this feeling in numerous countries in Central America but it brought me to tears. Through the short thirty minute drive to Rojo Gomez God continually whispered to me, 'these are my people, I know each of their names and have knitted each one in their mother’s womb, please love them'. I was so excited and filled with a divine peace, I couldn’t wait to see God move.

We arrived at the school, unpacked all the equipment and received our assignments. I was assigned to dental! Now, I don’t want to be a dentist but I was so excited to be able to assist Ed, my new dentist friend from Egypt, and see how this ministry works in a really up close and tangible way. So, with all the student desks sterilized, having learned how to work the portable autoclave and how the order of the room would work, we suited up in our “sterile” suits, eyes glasses, face masks, gloves, and began pulling teeth.

Now God is again, so amazing. He totally placed me in a room where I could be excited and have hands on experience to medical missions but He did not forget to remind me to lean on Him. The majority of our patients were children. Man, I thought normal child interaction was difficult for me but trying to calm down a child who is about to have a giant needle shoved into their gums and their teeth yanked out was faaaaar beyond my scope of skills. Wouldn’t you know it, God totally worked in me! I was able, in spanish mind you, to calm and support these little ones and have love, compassion and joy in doing it. Memories of working with those children bring a smile to face even as I write this.

The day ended with so much love and excitement at seeing God work by not only healing physically but by showing each one of us His love for humanity. God has bigger and better plans than I could ever imagine and I am constantly reminded of this. To God is the glory.

PS- Please pray for our dear sweet child Jose, he is 10 years old with muscular dystrophy. He is a brave little boy with so much life to live. Pray for the Lord to take a hold of his heart and please pray for healing.