Tuesday, March 30, 2010

el fuego.

My photo opportunities usually don't come this early in the morning (2am) but alas, the good ol' power line provided me with such. What's it like waking up to a strange zzz zzzzzz zsshzzzshs szzhsh noise followed by blinding flashes of light? Not bad, not bad, until you realize the wire dangling onto the grass will likely start a fire in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2- 1, yep, there's the fire. It started very small and grew within minutes or less. As we waited for the Fullerton Fire Department to arrive we quickly moved all our vehicles to provide an easier path to said fire. The firemen preformed their heroic duty and had to wait 2 hours with Steve till Edison arrived to shut off the line. Good work everyone, another catastrophe prevented by our tax dollars. yessss.

p.s.- Chandra and I had a great late night discussion while watching the (somehow all attractive) firemen clean up. Their job is so exciting but still comes with its mundane tasks, like raveling the hose back into the truck. boring. yep. boring.

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  1. There is always excitement at our house. Keeps us hopping