Wednesday, July 07, 2010

the beauty of brokenness

There is a prayer that may not have been prayed for me, but it certainly has been answered in my life. I thank God the the shattered dreams of my heart and His longing to chase after me.

"May this beautiful young woman, still my treasured little granddaughter, discover that place in her heart where she desires You above everything else. May she discover that place in her heart that only love flowing from Yours can fill.

"Please, Lord, shield her from every useless trial, protect her from pointless pain, but-grant me the courage to mean this-allow whatever dreams to shatter that will release her heart to meet Yours, that will empower her to rest in Your ecstatic love, no matter how empty and desperate she may feel.

"Reveal the beauty of Your life to her and through her, whatever it takes. But, Lord, I beg you-be very gentle."
- Larry Crabb

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  1. Thanks for such a wonderful thought!