Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brown Widow #2

<---This is our very own Widow!

Okay, so my brother came home that day and took out tweezers, extracted the widow from inside the chair, and put it into a vile. We are now certain this is a brown widow. The egg sacs are the same, white-ish and spikey. I thought we were going to do this big thing about how there are brown widows here and such but someone beat us to it. Apparently it was in the paper last week. So watch out there are brown widows on the loose, we are not the only ones!


  1. now that you know it's not important you should just step on it

  2. it's dead already. We must now search our whole backyard and step on those ones. ugh....I have the heeby jeebies.

  3. You can find out more in today's OC Register, there is a giant article about them.